Non-Spinnaker Handicap

Non Spinnaker Handicap Use

Each boat in the Sail Nova Scotia database has three handicaps that apply to it.  These three are explained as follows:

BASE HANDICAP.  This is the handicap of the model of the boat in PHRF race configuration.

RACE HANDICAP - This is the handicap to be used in all open regattas unless sailing in a Non Spinnaker  class.

Non SPINNAKER HANDICAP - This is supplied by Sail Nova Scotia for use in non spinnaker class. 

If any boat owner wishes to enter a regatta using a Non Spinnaker handicap in place of a Race Handicap then they must enter a non spinnaker class.  In the event there is no Non Spinnaker class the boat must enter using the race handicap unless the race committee at its discretion allows the vessel to enter a mixed class using its non spinnaker rating.  Owners who wish to do this should contact the race committee well in advance to request such permission and it is the prerogative of the race committee to deny it.

In the event a boat with a race rating that includes a spinnaker wishes to race in a non spinnaker class using the non spinnaker handicap this should always be allowed.