Sail NS Adopts Safe Sport

Sail Nova Scotia in partnership with Sail Canada is committed to providing everyone involved in the sport of sailing a safe and welcoming environment in which to participate. As we work towards ensuring a positive, safe, and inclusive environment, Sail Canada has created a harmonious policy package to set the expectations for safe sport across the country which Sail Nova Scotia adopted in June 2023.

These policies are designed to provide guidance and direction to all sailing activity across the country, applicable to Sail Canada, Sail Nova Scotia as well as all our Member Organizations within the confines of any applicable provincial legislation that may have authority over any aspect of the Safe Sport Policy Package and the policies contained within the package. Leaders of each of Sail Nova Scotia’s Member Organizations should adopt the Policy Package, as presented, for their organization and join Sail Canada and Sail Nova Scotia in the commitment to making sport, especially sailing, a safe and positive experience for everyone involved.

You can find the Safe Sport Policies on our website here .

Sail Nova Scotia has supported us from Opti to Olympic Campaign. It is a strong backbone for the sport of sailing in Nova Scotia.

Antonia Lewin-LaFrance
Member Canadian Sailing Team