Tuesday, 04 September 2018 12:04

We Are Sailors...Allie Surette & Max Flinn

With visions of gold dust dancing in their heads, Allie and Max, are in an all-out campaign to make it to the starting line of the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

Representing Canada, Allie and Max will be in the Nacra 17 Class as it’s the only male/female fleet in sailing. As catamarans go, the Nacra 17 has always been fast with its knife shaped hulls, but is now a foiling boat which they find very exciting. To be truly successful the team must be committed to their commitment and to each other. National coach and three time Olympian Krzysztof Kierkowski (Poland) provides the on water training 5 days per week. Accompanied by intense on water training the duo are working with the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic fitness trainer on a 4 day a week gym routine. Extra sessions for massage and physiotherapy and sport psychology are also provided. “As athletes we are only as good as the team behind us and we are extremely lucky to have such an amazing support system”

Along with intense training intense, financing such an ambitious project is equally important and is admittedly their largest challenge. “Sometimes Allie and I spend so much of our time fundraising and sitting behind a desk we don’t feel like athletes.”  

To offset the financial worries Allie and Max are thrilled to be pioneers of a foiling Nacra.   The SurretteFlinn team is in a race against the world to figure out the boat in time to get to the starting line.

To find out more about this dynamic team and their lofty goals check out their video