Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

Sail Canada Working With Transport Canada to Reduce Flares

Sail Canada is progressing well with Transport Canada to reduce the amount of distress signaling equipment that recreational craft are required to carry. 
Currently, the carriage requirement is for 3 flares in vessels up to 6m, 6 flares for vessels between 6m and 9m and 12 flares for vessels over 9m. Transport Canada have agreed with Sail Canada’s contention that, in light of developments in other forms of communicating distress, the amount of pyrotechnics required to be carried can be reduced, lessening the potential for injury from accidental discharge or misuse, decreasing the problems associated with disposal of time-expired pyrotechnics and reducing the cost to sailors. At the same time, developments in non-pyrotechnic flares will result in a standard for such being developed, allowing them to replace traditional flares in time. Stay tuned!