Tuesday, 22 October 2019 12:51

I Am A Sailor...Dionne Reid

Despite being born and bred on the beautiful island of Cape Breton, Dionne’s appetite for sailing was somewhat delayed but was wetted by a cruise on Nova Scotia’s famous Bluenose 2.   As wind breathed life into Bluenose’ sails Dionne’s ambitions were poked out of slumber and dreams of life on the water began to stir.  Sometimes life gets in the way and her time was spent seal hunting on ski-doos in the winter and riding motorcycles and mountain bikes in the summer. Along with playing softball, a regular workout regimen and attainment of two masters degrees her plate was pretty full. But the dream always there.

On a one week trip to Mexico Dionne finally had the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing on a Hobie Catamaran at the resort. “It started out with him drawing lines in the sand with a stick to illustrate the concept of tacking etc. Then we went for a short sail and by the end of the week I was taking the little boat out myself and feeling quite proud of my accomplishment”

A few years later destiny knocked in the form of her teaching colleague who invited Dionne to sail with him onboard Hipnautical.   A Grampian 26 with the lofty title of DYC’s 2014 Boat of the Year. Fighting through her intimidation of a larger vessel Dionne was intent on learning the ropes and helping out while intensely listening to her salty old skipper. “As a single mother of a 5 year old and hosting 2 teenage exchange students my opportunities to do things for myself are few and far between I have to make them worth it and now I’m hooked”

With plans to enroll in sailing lessons for both mother and daughter Dionne has goals of boat ownership of a small trailer sailor for family outings.   Forever the teacher, she is also hoping to use sailing as a learning opportunity for her mini-me. Unlike other organized sports there isn’t a star for the team to build around and no matter how old, a sailor is always learning something new.  

Her dream is alive!