Tuesday, 26 June 2018 12:44

I Am A Sailor...Cameron Sullivan

Cape Breton, the jewel of Nova Scotia, is known to be short on population but long on talent.  One has to look no further than Natalie McMaster, Rankin Family, Barra MacNeils, the late Rita McNeil,  Matt Minglewood or Al MacInnis as examples of individuals from small town Cape Breton that have made a big splash in larger locales.   Cameron Sullivan, a young Cape Breton sailor has the potential to do just that.  
Though he’s only in grade 6 Cameron has been quite mobile as he’s already in his 5th school and currently living in Calgary.  Like a lot of Bluenoser’s living out west, Nova Scotia will always be home and his three years of lessons at the Mabou Sailing Club is serving him well at the Calgary Yacht Club.   Cameron made his first appearance at the Calgary Yacht Club’s Icebreaker Regatta June 1-3 and finished 2nd in his class with 3 bullets, 5 seconds and two 3rd place finishes.  As I can personally attest to the high calibre of sailing in southern Alberta these results say a lot about the Mabou Sailing Club. 
From his first sailing lesson Cameron stood out to his coaches to be an enthusiastic albeit nervous student but always showed up with a huge smile.  With determination and coaching he overcame his initial fears of falling off the boat and now excels in his skill.  “Some people are really good at certain things, and others are really good at other things.  Everyone’s good at something”