Girls Rule Racing

Jun 20, 2021 until Jun 20, 2021
Categories: PHRF Racing
The goal of Girls Rule Racing is to get as many folks out on the water having fun as possible while lifting up and giving the female members of our sailing community a chance to shine. Bring new friends! Bring old friends! Learn skills! Teach skills! Event dates are May 23, June 20, July 18, August 22, and September 18. All 1pm starts. Each day will have one race that will be approximately 2 hours in length. Fleet splits will occur as necessary, and start lines will be set with the objective of reducing congestion and stress. Boats of all sizes and speeds are welcome and may choose to race with their spinnakers or declare white sail. The May 23rd race will have a Bermuda-style start. Starts for other weekends will likely be traditional 5-minute sequences. Each race will have individual registration - visit the RNSYS website in the coming weeks to sign up. We encourage boats to do their best to have at least half of their crew be female, but we won't be out there with binoculars. The only "musts" are that the helmsperson be female, have a female name on the registration list, and keep bums on the deck while hiking.