Vision and Mission

Sail Nova Scotia

Vision, Mission, & 2014 Pursuits (to be added after completion of 2014 Strategic Plan)

Approved by the NSYA (now Sail Nova Scotia) Board of Directors, January 10, 2006

Sail Nova Scotia Vision
To make high performance sailing and recreational boating lifelong activities for Nova Scotians through excellence in competition and training.

Sail Nova Scotia Mission
To provide leadership, governance and standards to meet the needs of all our members by:

·         Promote high performance sailing success at regional, national, and international levels.

·        Being the authority and voice of Nova Scotian competitive sailing and recreational boating.

·        Providing guidance, leadership, support and services to our membership.

·        Supporting national standards and policies for excellence in training,  competition, and safety for sailing and recreational boating in Nova Scotia.

·        Expanding participation in sailing and recreational boating in Nova Scotia.