Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023

Approved by the Sail Nova Scotia Board of Directors December 10, 2019

Sail Nova Scotia
Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Vision (What we want)
Sailing in Nova Scotia will have thriving clubs with maximum participation.

Mission (What we do)
Through expertise and collaboration we will support the needs of our member clubs, schools and stakeholders.


We believe in the following values to guide our work:
- Inclusion & Accessibility
- Safety
- Health & Wellness
- Excellence
- Accountability

Three Pillars

The Sail Nova Scotia Strategic Plan is built on the foundation of three pillars representing three areas of focus

Entry ------ Enjoyment ----- Excellence

Entry Goals & Objectives
Sail Nova Scotia will assist member clubs and schools increase participation by 3% annually (this is the same amount identified by Sail Canada).

1. Increase programs and services targeted to groups who are under-represented in the sport
2. Offer a safe and welcoming environment for all

Entry Initiatives

1 – Increase communications on entry points to the sport including on the website and on social media channels.
2 – Through collaboration with partners and organizations we will develop new programs for clubs to use to attract new boaters and attract former sailors back to the sport.
3 – Support sailing awareness programs by raising funds, $10,000 in the first year through a fee based awards celebration.   
4 – Ensure all programs adopt the Safe Sport Principles and abide by them through implementation of Safe Sport framework          

Enjoyment Goals & Objectives
Sail Nova Scotia will assist clubs to deliver quality sport experiences for all participants
1. Assist clubs and schools to adopt web based tools to increase enjoyment (database, registration, race scoring, etc…)
2. Provide opportunities for volunteers, coaches, instructors, race officials and others involved in sailing to develop professionally
3. Maximize participant’s enjoyment by delivering well run programs

Enjoyment Initiatives

1 – Multi-Year surveys with rolling implementation that captures members and participants feedback on Sail NS programs to shape future programs
2 – Engage more High School aged sailors by running an annual high school sailing championships.
3 - Articulate to all members the value of Sail Nova Scotia membership value
4 – Hold annual instructor clinics 1 sailing conference every 2 years, host Race Official clinics, etc.                                                                                             

Excellence Goals & Objectives
Sail Nova Scotia strives for a higher standard within our organization in all aspects including Organizational Effectiveness, High Performance Sailing, and Coaching & Officiating.
1. Establish Sail Nova Scotia as the Information Hub for sailors in Nova Scotia
2. Encourage and assist member clubs to maximize funding opportunities
3. Develop world class athletes and coaches through coach driven, athlete centred programs
4. Ensure Sail Nova Scotia policies reflect high standards to guide the association
5. Develop and support Race Officials and Judges to meet the needs of member clubs

Excellence Initiatives

1 – Establish a needs forecast for Race Officials in the province.
2 – Remain in the top 5 of High Performance funded sports by the province.
3 – Formalize governance best practices and share with member clubs
4 – Populate the website with baseline boater information on every topic
5 – Sail Nova Scotia staff to visit each club annually and educate of funding opportunities and other services.

December 10, 2019