Thursday, 19 November 2020 11:28

Chris Harrington - BBYC Volunteer of the Year

Meet Chris Harrington - BBYC's wonderful Volunteer of the Year!

Chris has been the kind of volunteer you could really count on in 2020. He cared about the members' experience during this difficult season. Chris was instrumental in the club experiencing a very positive summer by engaging members in activities during these trying Covid times. His insight and enthusiasm for keeping our members engaged and united created many opportunities for us to be innovative and create safe and engaging activities. Chris was always there to lend a helping hand whether it be repurposing furniture to create a wonderful outdoor seating area, or organizing a take-out lobster supper.

Chris takes the time to help his fellow boaters and club staff members and cares about new member experiences and making BBYC members feel welcome. Chris has dedicated many hours in 2020 to BBYC. He oversaw the completion of the fuel dock, repaired equipment and fixed the learn to sail dock. He could even be found mowing the lawn. His leadership stood out during a very challenging year as we grappled with Covid -19 restrictions. For these reasons and more we nominate Chris as volunteer of the year 2020 for BBYC.