Tuesday, 17 November 2020 08:58

Roby Douglas & Robb Apold - RNSYS Volunteers of the Year

One of the major issues facing sailing today is how can we transition youth sailors into keelboats as traditional pathways for this currently do not exist. This past summer Roby volunteered his time with Robb's Farr 30 and partnered with the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Race Team to create a youth to keelboat program utilizing two Farr 30's. Participants would go out training 1-2 times a week and also have the opportunity to race on Wednesday nights as well as at the Lunenburg Welcome Back Regatta, & Fall One Design. Boats were made up of mainly all youth sailors and one older person in charge.

This gave youth sailors a chance to race while traditional dinghy regattas were canceled but also an opportunity to experience keelboat racing in the region. This is a great step forward and while our race team could not travel due to COVID they were able to experience a new area of sailing with the Youth Farr 30 Race program.  

For their efforts leading this great initiative, Roby Douglas and Robb Apold are the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Volunteers of the Year.