Monday, 09 November 2020 08:23

Meet Patrick Edwards - Hubbards SC Volunteer of the Year

This spring held many uncertainties for sailing coaches in our province. With the questions surrounding whether the Hubbards Sailing Club program would run, coaches were unsure where their summer income would be coming from. As the treasurer on HSC’s Board of Directors, Patrick developed a plan on how the club could keep all our coaches on staff and how many hours they could offer each of them if programs did not go ahead as planned. This provided needed reassurance.

Patrick was also a huge help in assisting coaches navigate the CESB and CERB benefits available to them. This was above and beyond volunteer action. There are not many workplaces that care enough about their employees to spend many hours researching what benefits are available to them and to help them navigate through tough situations. This action becomes especially impressive when considering that Patrick is strictly a volunteer at the club.

When it became clear that our program would be going ahead, Patrick joined the club's COVID committee which helped develop the plan on how the club would operate this summer. He continued to meet and provide support all season, helping to deal with many of the challenges that appeared throughout the summer.

This summer, HSC was fortunate to operate a successful program, close in capacity to past years. However, the applications for grants and subsidies, researched, prepared and submitted by Patrick were invaluable in keeping our club operational and is a huge reason why we were able to keep so many sailors on the water this season.