Tuesday, 03 November 2020 09:15

Sarah Doane - Hubbards Coach of the Year

Hubbards Sailing Club is proud to announce Sarah Doane as its Coach of the Year.

Sarah continues to grow and become an even more passionate sailing coach and the 2020 season was no exception. This year, Sarah was the director of HSC’s COVID-19 Committee, developed and implemented our program’s COVID safety procedures, and successfully ran the program at full capacity while maintaining social distancing and safety protocols. To say that Sarah was wildly successful in her role this year running one of the largest programs in Nova Scotia would be an understatement.

Maggie Fitzgerald a youth sailor at Hubbards Sailing Club says "Sarah is one of the greatest coaches I have ever met. She always helps me when I need it and is always making sure everybody is doing what they need to be doing. She keeps everybody in line but also makes sure everybody is always having fun. The sailing club wouldn't be the same without her next year."Congratulations Sarah!