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Calling all Sailors – get counted!

Are you a Nova Scotia sailor? If so, be sure to sign in to I Sail, count me in. Open for sailors, it’s a simple, quick and free way for you to help your sport and other sailors.

Sail Nova Scotia receives grants and funding for its sailing related initiatives based upon the numbers of participants throughout the province. By ensuring you are counted, you’ll help us build a database of sailors and participants to ensure we continue to grow and support our sport for years to come.

Everyone in the sport benefits when we can reflect the true numbers of participants. Sign up, it’s free!

How clubs benefit.

Through the collection of this data, Sail Nova Scotia will be able to provide each of our 30 member clubs with specific data regarding the ages, gender and number of participants they provide programming to, information that many clubs find hard to isolate through their existing membership process. By providing this data to clubs, year after year, clubs will be better able to identify trends in membership and potential programs they should implement based upon their specific membership.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be helping Sail Nova Scotia provide the very best for all our sailors. It’s important to understand the demographics of our sport in Nova Scotia. Through this simple I Sail, count me in campaign we will gather the key information to ensure the continued growth of our sport, our sailing facilities and provincewide infrastructure through lobbying and funding. The simple act of getting counted can help improve the sport of sailing for years to come.

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