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Thursday, 20 March 2008 04:00

Become a CYA Certified Judge

If you do protest committee work at your Club you have the opportunity to get certified as a judge through the Canadian Yachting Association. The CYA Judges Programme outlines the requirements for certification at the four levels within the programme. It is available at To apply for certification, download the Combined Log for Certification and Recertification, available at This is the application form to use. Indicate that you are applying for certification as a judge and the level you are requesting. The form asks you to list your experience in racing, judging and race management, and to give the names of people you have served with on protest committees as references for your work.  Submit your application to the Canadian Yachting Association. If you fill out the form electronically you may e-mail it to [email protected] , or fax it to (613) 545-3045. The benefits of judge certification include receiving the CYA Judges Newsletter, mentorship by other CYA Judges and errors and omissions insurance when you serve on a protest committee.  We hope that many of you who serve on protest committees will apply for judge certification this winter in preparation for the 2008 sailing season.
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