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I Am A Sailor...Ed Trevors

To sail what is arguably the most popular Canadian designed, high-performance dinghy, the Laser demands slow deliberate movement in light air and quick acrobatic manoeuvres in heavy air. With a LOA of 13’9 and beam or 4’7, its tiny cockpit is better suited for a teenager or small adult.   When I took sailing lessons on the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary my instructor, Jim, was 6’1 and I remember him saying the Laser is perfect for a guy like “Big Jim”.   But Jim was a sailing instructor with many years of dinghy sailing experience. Ed Trevors is 6’3 with no experience.

In his younger years, Ed was an avid basketball and volleyball player but as he aged the body just couldn't take that kind of high tempo every day. Ed’s path to sailing was paved by his daughter Maya as he watched her fall in love with the sport while taking lessons at the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club (SHYC) http://www.shyc.ca/ .   At about that time Ed was invited to crew for a friend at the East Coast Albacore Championships and the rigors of racing got him hooked on a new passion and he soon purchased a used Laser. “I’m about 6’3 and when I started I really filled out my wetsuit-I was a bit over 250lbs. Being in the cockpit was not an easy place to be.” Lumbering in light air Ed usually found his Laser Radial on top of him but his sense of humour and perseverance has helped immensely since the early days not even 3 years ago.

Ed’s drive to compete in both basketball and volleyball has transferred to sailing. “I always intended to compete (not necessarily to win) and I knew that I’d have to get into my “fighting-shape” to do so.   In order to do this Ed has taken this quite seriously as he not only watches tapes and has many a discussion with fellow club members about sail trim and tactics, he has adopted a regular exercise routine consisting of weight training, cardio and yoga. “I’ve lost a bunch of weight, increased my stamina and endurance, and given me a drive that was missing since I stopped playing ball”   Aside from all these benefits, the feeling of being unplugged from today’s hectic digital lifestyle is left at the dock and replaced by the peace and quiet of nature.

Aside from sailing Ed is an active member at the SHYC and sits on the executive board as the Director of the Sailing Academy which is focusing on increasing club membership and sailing awareness in the Shelburne area. There is a very active Albacore fleet at the club and will be hosting the Albacore International Championships in August. https://albacore.ca/2019-albacore-internationals/

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