Crew Bank

If you are looking for crew for your boat, hoping to crew on a boat, or looking for help with a delivery, please send a note to o[email protected] and we will post it on this page

I am looking to get some sailing experience.  I grew up in a fishing community and worked aboard lobster boats.  Spent time passing bait nets with power boats.  Last summer I participated in an adult learn to sail at the RNSYS and learned some basics.  I Live in the Truro area but work at NSCC in Dartmouth.  I am willing to travel to any club in the city or along the Northumberland strait.  I am 47 years old and a Electrcian/Mechanic by trade.  I work well in a team environment so if there are opportunities on the racing side or someone needs extra help on the cruising side.  Let me know and I will try and make myself available.  Thanks.



Norman Paupin, RSE
[email protected]
Phone (902) 890-9888